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  • "When the floods happened in Cumbria we were taken totally by surprise and the whole of our downstairs carpets and furniture was ruined. Or so we thought until Tempest Restoration had got down to business!

    Great job, lads. You restored my will to live!"

  • Joe Challenor

  • 29 Oct 2010

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Property Drying
Tempest Restoration are experts in the Fire and Flood Restoration industry. In flood or pipe burst situation the walls, floors, ceilings etc, become saturated causing the air to become moisture laden as evaporation takes place. Here at Tempest Restoration Ltd we have a variety of drying equipment to cover any property drying need.
An airmover is designed to deliver a stream of air at or across a surface. They can have variable speed motors and optional sized wheels.
A dehumidifier is a machine that has the capability to extract moisture from the air in a given area.
An airmover , when property drying , is designed to deliver a stream of air at or across a surface. They can have variable speed motors and optional sized wheels. The correct positioning of the airmover is crucial to aid efficient drying. By using a stand, the airflow can be elevated 15° or 20°, A tilt of 45° or 90° can be used to dry walls or ceilings. Using the fan flat to the wet surface will lift moisture from the saturated layer (100%RH) into the general body of air, thus replacing air at the surface with drier air this aids evaporation.
Condensing/Refrigerant Dehumidifiers
This type of dehumidifier when used in property drying lowers the air temperature below the dew point temperature enabling the water vapour to become a liquid. The dehumidifier takes the moist air, draws it across refrigerated causing it to condense. The moisture runs off into a receptacle. The air, which has been "dried" or "processed", is then returned to the room to repeat the process.
Dessicant Dehumidifiers
When used in property drying this type of dehumidifier works on an adsorption condenser basis taking moisture from the air as it is blown through a honeycomb dessicant wheel. During the process air is sucked into the unit via a filter and a radial fan it passes through the rotor where the air is dehumidified. The dry air then passes out of the unit through the dry air outlets.
An adsorption dehumidifier works whatever the temperature. At temperatures far below freezing (i.e.-40°C) the air can still be dehumidified. The CTR dehumidifier's regeneration process works continuously. The rotor in the CTR dehumidifier contains high active silica gel and has a very long lifespan.
Steve Stubbs
Having suffered a very large water damage claim in our house in late December Tempest Restoration were first on the scene to help us through the claim, cleaned up the mess, electrician called to make the electrics safe and drying equipment was installed, the team arrived at 8pm and worked late and just got on with the job, they reassured us and were very sympathetic in this most distressing time.
For the last 12 years we have offered a complete and inclusive service that covers all major restoration work, for the insurance industry. If you have been affected by a fire or flood, Tempest Restoration could be the one company who comes to your rescue
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