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  • "When the floods happened in Cumbria we were taken totally by surprise and the whole of our downstairs carpets and furniture was ruined. Or so we thought until Tempest Restoration had got down to business!

    Great job, lads. You restored my will to live!"

  • Joe Challenor

  • 29 Oct 2010

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Water Damage Restoration
Tempest Restoration are experts in the Fire and Flood Restoration industry and we work for a number of national insurance companies. Water damage in buildings is caused by many different situations. Heavy rainfall produces flash floods rivers and streams overflow causing damage to low lying areas. Drainage networks cannot always cope, with systems unable to accept the water quickly enough the water pressure increases, drains and manholes backup with contaminated waste. This together with silt from surrounding fields and farmland can be carried into property through airbricks and doorways. Washing machines and internal pipe bursts are considered to be clean water damage but any damage involving water must always be treated with respect and Health and Safety concerns are our number one priority here at Tempest Restoration Ltd.

Water will cause further damage to buildings and their contents because it provides the moisture required by moulds, mildew and bacteria to grow. The majority of building materials can be affected by exposure to water e.g. wood swells and warps, plasterboard breaks down, chipboard "blows" and loses its integrity. The first action is to stop the flow of water after which the Tempest Restoration Ltd work can start. Standing water must be removed to prevent further damage and any risk items removed to a dry area to minimise losses. Affected surfaces need to be treated with the correct product to prevent mould and mildew growth.
Steve Stubbs
Having suffered a very large water damage claim in our house in late December Tempest Restoration were first on the scene to help us through the claim, cleaned up the mess, electrician called to make the electrics safe and drying equipment was installed, the team arrived at 8pm and worked late and just got on with the job, they reassured us and were very sympathetic in this most distressing time.
For the last 12 years we have offered a complete and inclusive service that covers all major restoration work, for the insurance industry. If you have been affected by a fire or flood, Tempest Restoration could be the one company who comes to your rescue
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